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CCSI Releases the worlds first fully fault tolerant 1U Dual Xeon Server. Click Here for Details........

CCSIs chassis power AUDI/Intel/FujitsuSeimens cluster project. Read the Intel press release...

The Intel® Xeon™ processor MP family is designed specifically for mid-tier servers performing key business functions such as collaboration, application serving, enterprise resource planning, and business intelligence. The Intel Xeon processor MP features Hyper-Threading technology, Integrated Three-Level cache architecture and Intel® NetBurst™ microarchitecture to provide versatility, performance, value and dependability for today's server platforms.

Intel Xeon processor MP-based servers offer the following key benefits for the enterprise:

  • Performance: Innovative Hyper-Threading technology, an integrated 4MB, 2MB, 1MB or 512KB L3 cache, and powerful Intel NetBurst® microarchitecture combine to break open bottlenecks. The result: Responsive performance with ample headroom for handling emerging tasks.
  • Scaling: The Intel Xeon processor MP gives businesses the choice of scaling servers up to feature-rich 4-way, 8-way, and even greater configurations; or scaling them out by deploying clusters of powerful 4-way servers. Intel calls this flexibility "scale right" - the ability to scale up or out according to specific business needs.
  • Versatility: Intel® architecture platforms are built on industry standards, providing the ability to select from a myriad of hardware, software, and solution providers. This unmatched freedom of choice yields superior solutions that are more cost effective.
  • Dependability: Intel Xeon processor MP-based systems are reliable and manageable. Thermal sensors and error correction code (ECC) detect issues before they result in failure. Platform-level features like redundant, hot-swappable components and a system management bus (SMB) reduce the need for downtime and enhance manageability.
  • Value: Intel Xeon Processor MP-based systems offer industry leading price/performance and cost of ownership. Utilizing industry standard hardware and software, mid-range and high-end servers based on the Intel Xeon processor MP offer a wealth of application choices from hundreds of vendors.

Continuing in our industry-leading tradition of high-density dual processor product development and applying our experience and expertise gained from developing the original chassis and power supply for Intel's 1U Performance Communications Appliance Hamer Rapids ; CCSI presents to you our new DUAL XEON™ SERVERS web site with the world's broadest product line specifically engineered for the Tyan Thunder i7500 (S2720) DUAL INTEL XEON™ motherboard. Examine our chassis and check out our side bar links to our white pages (on cooling technology and modular thinking, etc.) and you will find that CCSI is not just a "run of the mill" chassis design shop but a complete server solution provider. Our goal is to provide you, our customer, with absolutely the best engineered system platform upon which you can build the highest quality, best performing, most stable systems in the market now and in the future. Ask about our partner program and join your creativity with ours and see what we can create together.


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